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The front door of a beautiful Queen Anne house that is rare on the market and is typical of the type a UK buying agent would find

What we do

Sometimes known as “secret agents”, UK buying agents are some of the most influential individuals in the prime housing market. Searching out and finding a premium property is not only time-consuming but also often aggressive and stressful….that is, unless you know the market, the agents and where to look.

UK Buying Agent

Many of the UK’s properties are sold without ever being released to the public and are only made available to a select few. Without the time available, getting to know all the agents and properties is an impossible task, and without having explored the entire market, you can’t be sure that you selected the right house, at the right price, for you.

This recent article in The Telegraph explains our role well. Is it curtains for the Estate Agent?

A UK buying agent has many valuable skills; time, contacts and experience are just a few.

The knowledge, detail, pre-viewings, research, and negotiation skills built up over thousands of transactions are all hard to come by, let alone the skill to know when to avoid a foreseeable difficulty.

In the UK, we consider it normal to have a professional help you sell your home. However, at Rowallan Buying Agents, we believe it is far more essential to have a professional help you buy the right home!


Save money by paying the best price

Competing on the open market may mean you feel pressured to pay a higher price than you should or, worse still, more than the property is worth.

Our job is to buy for you the property you love, and unlike the agent, we act for you, our client, securing your chosen property at the very best price.


Off market opportunities

Off-market properties are always available. Sometimes, the owners only know it themselves once they’re asked. After that, they wait for the right person to make themselves available, and the agent will introduce them.

With so many contacts in the industry, opening these doors is one of our specialities. In some areas, as much as 40% to 50% of all properties are hidden away in the back of agents’ drawers.


Save time

Understanding your needs and objectives is a critical part of our service. We will search for properties that match your requirements and will preview them all for you.

Having built a selection for you to see and created a report presenting the value for money of each property, we will attend your viewings on your selected properties and be there on hand to deal with any questions that you might have.

We will deal with your negotiations and will liaise with all parties until you receive the keys.

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End to end service

Buying a property begins with agreeing a budget, a location and a reason for moving. It ends with receiving the keys. In the middle is the search, the agents, the solicitors, the surveys and much more.

We ensure that there are no hidden traps by thoroughly investigating all areas of your purchase. We will watch and keep track of the whole transaction, liaising with all parties on your behalf, making sure that all are meeting your goals and we have the contacts to ensure that everyone that we recommend meets your needs.

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More choice

By employing a full-time UK buying agent, you not only get access to the properties that you can see available, but you also get access to properties that you can’t.

Being aware of the whole market is a full-time job, and knowing who to talk to and keeping in touch with all the agents that matter takes time and effort. Securing you the best deal comes down to who you know, and after almost 35 years in the industry, as an agent for the seller and a UK buying agent focused on helping buyers, we know a lot of agents!