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UK property finders at work

Sometimes known as property finders or buyer’s agents, UK property finders, as the name suggests, work for and represent their clients, the property buyers, from before entering the market until well after they move into a new property.

This distinguishes them from estate agents who only represent the seller for the period of the sale of their home.

Buyers may have come from far away or nearby, but they usually have one thing in common. They need help finding their ideal property.

There are lots of reasons for this:
  • They do not have enough time
  • They do not know a local area
  • They keep missing out on properties
  • They are unable to travel
  • They do not have the contacts to see the transaction through
  • They want someone else to negotiate for them
  • They want someone else to manage their sale and purchase to make their lives easier and get the best results.
  • They require discretion
  • They value professional advice.
Need more time - UK property finders

Friends on the rugby pitch sidelines often ask me what I do.

Buying Agency isn’t, as yet, a normality in the UK, and UK property finders are often thought of as the preserve of the super-rich and famous. However, whilst historically, there has been truth in that, using UK property finders is becoming much more normalised.

House in a maize - UK property finders - Are Property Search Agents Worth It?

So, what do UK property finders or buying agents actually do?

UK property finders, otherwise known as buying agents, look after all aspects of a buyer’s purchase, from property searching to the best positioning of their clients for negotiation. They will monitor the legal process and financial arrangements, the removals, and the key handover and will often provide a continued service well beyond the day their clients move in.

Thus, UK property finders usually maintain a relationship with their client for years, utilising the buying agent’s network of property-related professionals. It is an end-to-end relationship securing the happiest result.

I often sum it up as ‘sellers have estate agents; smart buyers have buying agents.’

UK property finders in action

Getting to know you

Right from the start, I will want to know why you are moving. This tells me so much about what I need to find. First, I want to meet you in your current house to get to know your requirements, the type of person you are, and the type of house that fits your personality.

I want to establish where you would like to move to and why. Is it for work, school, more space, quieter life, fresher air, to be with friends or family or relocating? This list is long; a more in-depth version can be downloaded here.

Often I will need to spend some time with you to show you suitable areas before we settle on a location.

And this gives you the chance to get to know me too. To see if you want me or perhaps other UK property finders to represent you in what is, after all, often one of the most important life decisions you’ll ever make.

Preparing to move

Preparing you so you can be put forward as the best possible buyer

Using my knowledge as an agent of three decades, we will prepare how a seller perceives you. Are you a good bet, someone they can rely on and trust to see the purchase through? Are you the least risky? This presentation matters.

Think how you feel when presented with offers on your own sale.  If you need to sell your current house, we’ll review its presentation to ensure it finds the best buyer.

Dressing a home for sale consistently achieves a better result. So along with some of my professional home mover contacts, we’ll ensure that your current house gets the best price even before you invite the estate agents around to value it.

Most experienced UK property finders will have has a long and fruitful career as an estate agents and will know and be able to advise how they think and what affects the value of your home in their marketing plans.

We’ll also put you in touch with the best solicitors and private financiers to ensure that when making offers, we can present you as a buyer that the sellers cannot ignore. Time, proceedability, and flexibility will often achieve better results than the proverbial highest offer.

Property knowledge - UK property finders

Property knowledge

An estate agent will usually cover the area surrounding their office. UK property finders will cover the area that fits their client’s needs. UK property finders must have a knowledge of property that is second to none in their working areas.

They must also have a reputation for success within the industry and have relationships with agents that are advantageous for their clients. Having that relationship will not only enhance your opportunities of seeing properties first, but most estate agents will also trust that UK property finders’ clients are a good bet for a straightforward, trustworthy transaction.

Lady in red - finding a hidden property

Off Market Properties

The property market is changing. More sales are online without an estate agent being involved, and an increasing number of sales never make it into the public eye.

Sellers will often rather avoid a digital footprint than have a property showing that didn’t sell. Online portals highlight the length of time a property has been for sale, any price reductions and all changes in agency, thereby weakening the seller’s position.

It’s not surprising that in some parts of the UK, over 25% or in other words, a quarter of sales, never make it online.

Some central London agents dealing with properties over £5,000,000 will tell you that that number is much higher—up to 60% of all sales. Unfortunately, I don’t have evidence for this number, but if true, buying without UK property finders or buying agents to represent you in this price range is seriously limiting.

As a buying agent/UK property finder, it is perfectly normal for me to receive a direct call from a seller who has recently had their property valued to see if I might have a client for their home.

The same can be said for estate agents who, having been instructed on a new property, are looking for the best, most proceed-able and qualified buyers for their new client. Calling their preferred buyer sources ensures them a clean, efficient and rewarding sale.

Lady filming a room serving the purpose of a UK property finder

Pre-viewing property

Assuming that my clients are busy, as a UK property finder, I will set out to view as many properties as possible that fit the bill.

Occasionally, a client will want to join me, which has its advantages too. I can read from their expressions and verbal thoughts the rights and wrongs of each property, each time improving their understanding of what they will get for their money.

Clients’ needs will often change during a search. This could be down to finances, a reality check or some other form of alteration to their plans.

By providing a written and video summary of appropriate properties viewed, my clients don’t need to take time off if they don’t want to. I’ve got it covered and will report accordingly.

Shortlisted piece of the puzzle -


Having ascertained a shortlist of properties, I’ll present a shortlist.

Viewing properties on the shortlist is usually done with the client, and to minimise the impact on a client’s time, usually all in one day. Properties are nearly always presented in their best light by the estate agents, and it’s not until you see them that reality shines through.

Before deciding on a shortlist, it is imperative that the UK property finder has discussed some essential items, such as whether the property is freehold v leasehold if it is listed and restrictions such as AONBs or SSSIs or in a conservation area.

Matters like the EPC, drainage, easements, and services are all essential. You will be prepared to compromise on some, but there will be many that you won’t.

A short list will undoubtedly only include properties determined to be suitable, in the best location and with the required space to make it into your home.

Negotiation taking place - UK property finders


A team of UK property finders has no interest in anyone other than their client – the purchaser. Rowallan Buying Agents have negotiated on properties for years. Not, like most people, just on properties that they have owned, but I mean, they have negotiated on thousands of properties.

This means that they we have heard it all before. As a result, sellers, buyers, agents, lawyers, financiers and surveyors have tried to justify their position for their clients, sometimes reasonably, often not, but at Rowallan Buying Agents, we have the counter to successfully negotiate hard on behalf of our client.

I often hear the phrase, ‘I’m in sales; I can negotiate’.

I’m sure they can negotiate, but many fail to recognise that negotiating on houses is unlike most other negotiations.

Take for example, a car salesperson. When buying a car, you want the best available deal, but if the salesman doesn’t agree to your price, you can walk to another dealer and negotiate with them instead on the exact same car!

When buying a property, the chances are that you’ll have one that you prefer even when buying in a row of identical newly builds. It may be its position in the row, its light or the aspect. But, there is nearly always something.

If you miss it, you will not be buying the house you wanted, and it will always feel second best, not only to you but also to your buyer when the time comes to sell.

This is where positioning you in the best light comes into its own.

Once we have found the best property, whether a finished home, an opportunity, or an investment, you will need your UK property finder to be on fire. You want all their negotiation skills to go into overdrive and secure you that home.

Lots of people working together to support each other - networking


Once the property is secured, your property finder will monitor everything for you. They will keep in touch with the agents to make sure they are happy with the progression, and they will liaise with your solicitor and, if requested, will arrange your surveys.

They will even visit the house just before the exchange of contracts to ensure that the house is still the same as when your offer was agreed upon.

Meanwhile, if you are moving area, your UK property finder will offer an orientation day, introducing you to your new neighbourhood in more detail and will help you with schooling and other needs such as tradesmen.

family moving into a house - children running around

Completion day

Our UK property finders team will collect your new key from the estate agents and meet you at your new property. They will be on hand with their entire support network for years, so you never have to worry about trivial property matters.

A clock with only years on it - currently set to 2023 symbolising working together for years to come.


Whereas an estate agent will sell you a property, a UK property finder will look after their client from the start of the process to the end and beyond. In effect, they become your buying partner, your concierge for life.

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Rowallan Buying Agents

Having been in the property business for over 35 years (at the time of writing), there are few with Rowallan Buying Agents book of contacts. Jason has lived and worked in 14 counties across the breadth and length of the UK, and Jason’s knowledge of properties and agents is second-to-none and with his strong team of UK property finders, Rowallan Buying Agents will open ever door ultimately finding you the perfect property.

Jason has worked in some of the UK’s best-known, national, and international firms and several niche companies. His experience is outstanding, and when it comes to negotiation, he has heard it all.

With Jason and his superb team of UK property finders behind you, you will be immediately respected as a buyer and well-placed to benefit from a thoroughly advantageous search and overall experience.