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We have thought about how to write this without sounding like we were just waxing lyrical. What would we want to hear, what should we say, then we realised that all we needed to say is – just speak to Jason and you will understand, immediately, how much you need him.

He is so much more than an agent – a property expert, a friendly coach, a calming force and a problem solver behind the scenes. Jason feels like a trusted friend from the moment you meet him. He calmly and expertly guides one through what would normally be a rather stressful experience, but makes it fun, exciting, reassuring and he does it all with ease, kindness, consideration, and the imparting of immense knowledge.

Having bought and sold a number of properties of all types over the years, we had tired of those we came across, and were singed by more than one of the other professionals in the industry. Jason is just no comparison. He is head and shoulders above anyone else we have encountered, and we trust him – whole heartedly, and would (and will) again, in a heartbeat and without a single doubt.

Jason, you guide us kindly and expertly, to navigate, understand, progress and complete on a process full of pitfalls and worries, and you simply take all the stress away. Your warmth and constancy, your network and experience, your insight and advice. You are unique, and you are without doubt the best at what you do, and we couldn’t have made it to this wonderful place without you. Having worked with you, we would never use anyone else, and we will always be forever grateful to you. For how you have helped us, for what you do so uniquely and professionally, and for the funny, kind, approachable, trustworthy, incredible soul (and expert) that you are. Thank you.