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Sussex Buying agents

Sussex Buying Agents, also known as Sussex Property Finders, know Sussex. Their connections, knowledge and experience are unsurpassed.

Sussex is a large southern coastal county split into East Sussex and West Sussex, with Kent to the east, Surrey to the north and Hampshire to the West.

With excellent transport links, outstanding schools and further education, exciting activities, vibrant culture, beautiful villages and architecture, Sussex is a popular tourist destination and a great place to live, work, and study.

Quick guide to East and West Sussex

Sussex is a historic county located in the south of England. The county’s diverse landscape includes rolling hills, chalk cliffs, and an extensive coastline. Brighton is the best-known city in Sussex, known for its vibrant culture, nightlife, and seaside attractions.

The county also has several historic towns and villages, such as Lewes, Rye, and Arundel, which feature medieval architecture and picturesque countryside.

Sussex is well-connected to London and other parts of the UK by road and rail, making it a popular destination for tourists and commuters.

Sussex is home to many excellent schools, including some of the UK’s most prestigious and highly-ranked schools. In addition, the county has a mix of independent, grammar, and comprehensive schools catering to students of all ages and abilities.

Well-known schools in Sussex include Brighton College, ranked by some as the UK’s top co-educational school, and Roedean School, a leading independent girls’ school.

Additionally, there are several outstanding state comprehensive schools in Sussex, such as Varndean School in Brighton and Worthing High School.

These schools have a strong reputation for academic excellence and provide a high-quality education to their students.

Sussex hosts various exciting annual events that attract locals and visitors alike. Some of the best annual events in Sussex include The Brighton Festival, The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lewes Bonfire Night, the Arundel Festival and The South of England Show.

For a more detailed view of Sussex, please read our guide here.

Connections from London


London Victoria

58 mins


London Victoria

62 mins


London Victoria

1hr 31


London Victoria

52 mins

East Grinstead

London Victoria

60 mins

Garden gate symbolising off-market or hidden properties

Off-market property in Sussex

Off-market properties, also known as “pocket listings” or “hidden properties, ” are homes or properties for sale but not listed publicly on property portals or other estate websites. This means that they are not actively advertised to the general public, making them a more exclusive option for those looking to buy or invest in property in the UK.

In the UK, the majority of property transactions occur through estate agents. These agents act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and many have knowledge of off-market (hidden) properties. This is because the owners of these properties often choose not to list them publicly to keep their sales discreet and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

This knowledge is only shared with a trusted and select few.

They will often prefer a private sale, as should their property not sell, it doesn’t leave a ‘digital footprint’ affecting the marketing of their house later in the year when they do go public.

In Sussex, there are many private estates with wealthy owners where discretion is the most vital component to any agreed sale. Without Sussex Buying Agents with deep connections within the property world and who are trusted by other agents, the chances of bagging the best homes is remote if not impossible.

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Sussex Buying Agents

Sussex Buying Agents

A successful buying agent or property finder needs to be knowledgeable and well-connected. With at least 35 years in the property market, Jason Corbett of Rowallan Exclusive Property Buying agents has the connections and know-how to make a difference.

Finding this stunning county’s exclusive and best properties is more challenging than being on a mailing list. You also need a sound knowledge and relationship with local and national agents. Built up over many years of working together, this connection gives Rowallan Buying Agents clients the edge.

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