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How does it work?

With a wealth of personal and company experience, Rowallan Private Buying Agents can offer property advice and assistance on any aspect of a residential property transaction at any stage. It could be as simple as advising on the property’s actual worth (this is considerably more complex than banging a number into the internet!) or negotiating a purchase on your behalf.

Unfortunately, sometimes communications between you and the agent or the agent and their clients aren’t as good as they should be, resulting in your purchase being put at risk. However, with our years of experience and knowledge of the marketplace, we can often steer a transaction back to where it could be.

When it goes wrong in property, everyone seems to blame everyone else. The truth is that usually, the seller wants to sell, the agent wants their commission, and the buyer wants to buy. Everyone is focusing on the same target but missing!

At times, communication, last minute unexpected hurdles create a problem. However, taking a step back and allowing a professional to manage your purchase can often resolve most of the issues.

Property Advice when you need it

It’s normal in the UK to consider that you need help from an agent to sell your property, your most significant asset; why then not use a buying agent to help you buy one too?

After all, when it goes wrong when selling, you still have your house, but when it goes wrong in your purchase or worse, you buy the wrong house, well, that can be life-changing.

We are here to help, whatever the circumstances are when help and advice are required. We can jump in at any point and lend a helping hand, often taking the stress out or increasing your probability of securing your chosen house.

We can discuss a reasonable rate to help get you going again, depending on the work you need. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

After all, sellers have estate agents; smart buyers have buying agents.

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