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Commercial Buying Agent - Commercial property

Commercial Property

Investing in commercial property offers investors the prospect of attractive returns and risk mitigation with portfolio diversification. However, finding, purchasing, and enjoying success from your investment can all be a serious trial, made easier by having a knowledgeable, experienced commercial property finder on your team.


Commercial property investments can provide a steady income stream through long-term leases, often at higher yields than residential properties.

Well-located and maintained commercial properties tend to appreciate over time, yielding substantial returns upon sale or refinancing whilst achieving significant control over asset performance, enabling strategic decisions to optimise returns.


Successful investment in commercial property will no doubt involve diversifying your portfolio across various sectors, reducing the risk associated with industry-specific downturns. Investing in different property types, such as office spaces, retail centres, and warehouses, enhances stability.

We select publicly available and off-market properties based on our client’s instructions but fundamentally in areas with a solid economic performance, proximity to transportation, and growth potential.

Property types must align with your risk tolerance and investment objectives. Comprehensive due diligence, reviewing financial statements, lease agreements, and property inspections are all part of the acquisition process.

Commercial Buying Agent - Commercial property - Prime Property Buyers
Commercial Buying Agents - Commercial property

By addressing these considerations through Rowallan Buying Agents, investors can add to or buy their first property, unlocking the potential of commercial property investments and building a resilient real estate portfolio.

Whether a private client, wealth manager, private bank, family office or Trust, Rowallan Private Buying Agents, acting as your commercial property finder, can help. Retaining discretion at our core, we have been assisting buyers in increasing, evolving or even starting their portfolios for years.

With decades of experience and investments behind us, we look after your investment opportunities as if they were our own.

Commercial Buying Agent

Commercial Property Finders

Just as with our other searches, we will listen carefully to your requirements, search for them, present you with a case for each one and then either attend viewings or create a video for you to see the properties if required.

The case for each one will be decided by you, our client, but will undoubtably, as mentioned above, be based around return on investment (both net yield return and capital growth opportunity) and location.

Nick Coughlan, our specialist commercial property finder has decades of of experience and will ensure the best of service, that will meet all of your needs, and all with utter discretion.

Our extensive contact list means that we can cover much of the UK from Scotland to the south coast of England and we have specialists on standby to provide support regarding tax and other such legal or material matters.

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