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Hampshire Buying Agents

Hampshire Buying Agents know Hampshire. They know the villages and the towns, they know the nuances, and they know where to go to find the best property for their client.

Hampshire is a stunning county surrounded by Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and the English Channel and includes the beautiful Isle of Wight.

With such a stunning variety of properties, scenery, historic towns and villages, it is no wonder that Hampshire is such a popular place to live. The only question is where. With so many choices, using an experienced Hampshire Buying Agent will save you time and money and bring you peace of mind.

Being one of the most beautiful places to live, Hampshire is a hot spot for affluent residents who commute to London but would like more space and access around them.

Quick guide to Hampshire

Located in southeast England, Hampshire is a county showcasing breathtaking natural landscapes, diverse scenery, and an extensive transportation network.

The diversity of property is particularly noticeable from ancient buildings within tucked away hamlets and villages to ultra modern architecture in the cities, many of these properties are only available through Hampshire Buying Agents such as Rowallan.

Hampshire’s natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and extensive transportation network make it an ideal destination for exploration.

Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the New Forest, hike along the South Downs, or venture into charming villages, Hampshire’s scenery will leave you awe-inspired. With its well-connected transport options, getting around the county and accessing its captivating destinations is convenient and enjoyable.

Hampshire is renowned for its natural beauty, offering a diverse range of landscapes. Explore the New Forest, a sprawling national park with ancient woodlands, heathland, and picturesque villages.

Discover the South Downs National Park, featuring rolling hills, stunning chalk cliffs, and scenic walking trails. From coastal areas like Hayling Island and the Solent to the tranquil beauty of the Itchen Valley, Hampshire’s scenery is sure to captivate nature enthusiasts.

Winchester is considered the capital of Hampshire and is home to the famous Winchester Cathedral. Visitors can marvel at the cathedral’s Gothic architecture, visit the medieval Great Hall with King Arthur’s Round Table, and stroll along the picturesque River Itchen. The charming streets are lined with boutique shops and cozy pubs and not is it a beautiful place to visit, it’s also a great place to live.

Other superb and interesting cities to visit in Hampshire include both Portsmouth and Southampton, whilst Cowes on the Isle of Wight, is a stunning seaside town with lots of activities and adventures.

Hampshire benefits from a well-developed transportation network, making it easily accessible for visitors. Several major motorways, including the M3 and M27, serve the county, connecting it to London, the Southeast, and the rest of the country.

Southampton Airport and Bournemouth Airport also provide convenient air travel options for those from afar whilst Farnborough airport provides business and private flights.

Hampshire also has an extensive rail network, connecting major towns and cities within the county and offering connections to other parts of the UK. The main railway stations in Hampshire include Winchester, Southampton Central, Portsmouth, and Basingstoke. Regular train services provide convenient access to Hampshire’s attractions and surrounding areas.

Education in Hampshire is well served. With some of the UK’s best schools, such as Winchester College, founded in 1382, Bedales, Canford, Peter Symonds College, Portsmouth Grammar School, King Edward VI School and St. Swithun’s School, there is a substantial choice of excellence available.

For a more detailed view of Hampshire, please read our guide here

Connections from London


London Waterloo

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London Waterloo

1hr 32 mins


London Waterloo

36 mins


London Waterloo

45 mins

Garden gate symbolising off-market or hidden properties

Off-market property in Hampshire

Off-market properties, also known as “pocket listings” or “hidden properties, ” are homes or properties for sale but not listed publicly on property portals or other estate websites. This means that they are not actively advertised to the general public, making them a more exclusive option for those looking to buy or invest in property in the UK.

Using great Hampshire Buying Agents, such as Rowallan Buying Agents, will enable to to gain a first class ticket to access these allusive property options.

In the UK, the majority of property transactions occur through estate agents. These agents act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and many have knowledge of off-market (hidden) properties. This is because the owners of these properties often choose not to list them publicly to keep their sales discreet and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

This knowledge is only shared with a trusted and select few.

They will often prefer a private sale, as should their property not sell, it doesn’t leave a ‘digital footprint’ affecting the marketing of their house later in the year when they do go public.

In Hampshire, there are an extraordinary amount of owners where discretion is the most vital component to any agreed sale. Without a Hampshire Buying Agent, who has deep connections within the property world, is trusted by other agents and who receives early notification of a possible interest in selling, the chances of bagging the best homes is remote, if not impossible.

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Hampshires Property Buying Agent

Hampshire Buying Agents

A successful buying agent needs to be knowledgeable and well-connected. With at least 35 years in the property market, Jason Corbett of Rowallan Exclusive Property Buying agents has the connections and know-how to make a difference.

Finding this stunning county’s exclusive and best properties is more challenging than being on a mailing list. You also need a sound knowledge and relationship with local and national agents. Built up over many years of working together, this connection gives Rowallan Buying Agents clients the edge over many other Hampshire Buying Agents.