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Equestrian property buying agent

If you’ve reached this page, you’ll know that equine property has unique features and requirements compared to standard residential properties.

An equestrian property buying agent is well-versed in aspects like land quality, stabling, local equestrian communities, and planning permissions, ensuring that the properties you consider meet your specific needs as an equestrian enthusiast or professional.

Our exceptional equine property support and partners have a network of contacts that provide information, leading to better opportunities that might or might not be widely advertised.

However your property is found, you can be assured that it will be right for you.

Equestrian opportunities in the Surrey Hills

The Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England, presents a picturesque landscape ideal for equestrian enthusiasts.

Characterised by rolling hills, lush woodlands, and open heathlands, this region offers a serene and natural backdrop for horse riding and equestrian activities. The area is peppered with a variety of equine properties, ranging from quaint cottages with small stables to expansive country estates boasting top-notch equestrian facilities.

These properties often provide direct access to an extensive network of bridleways and trails, allowing for scenic rides through the countryside.

Why use a equestrian property buying agent

Equestrian opportunities in the Surrey Hills are plentiful. The region hosts numerous equestrian events, competitions, and hunts, fostering a vibrant horse-riding community.

Training facilities, riding schools, and equestrian clubs are also readily available, catering to riders of all levels.

This combination of stunning natural scenery, a supportive equestrian community, and an abundance of horse-friendly amenities makes the Surrey Hills an exceptional destination for those seeking a property that complements their equestrian lifestyle.

With such a broad area and so many opportunities, having an equestrian property buying agent on team makes perfect sense.

Equestrian property buying agent

The Rowallan Buying Agents Pedigree

Raised amidst the lush landscapes of his family’s rural estate in Scotland, Jason Corbett, the founder of Rowallan Buying Agents, has equestrianism deeply ingrained in his heritage.

His life has been intimately intertwined with the equine world, a legacy that began in his childhood and has continued to flourish over the years.

Jason’s connection to the equestrian realm was further strengthened by Rowallan Horse Trials, a prestigious event held annually on his family estate, and a state-of-the-art indoor riding arena that stood as one of Europe’s largest.

These family undertakings highlight a tradition of excellence in horse riding and competition. Alongside a business partner who continues to compete actively, Jason and partner form an exceptional team, combining hands-on experience with a profound understanding of the equestrian lifestyle.

His father’s role as Chair of the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA) and as a judge at the London 2012 Olympic final exemplifies the family’s deep-rooted involvement in the sport’s highest echelons.

With our partner agencies daily involvement in the sport, our clients will not only find their perfect property, but will also be well introduced to the Surrey Hills equestrian world.

Equestrian property buying agent

Horse property specialists

A successful equestrian property buying agent needs to be knowledgeable and well-connected and familiar with commercial equestrian property, horse property specialists, stud farms for sale, equestrian property for sale and all of the above, when it’s not publicly available and hidden from view.

With at least 35 years in the property market, Jason Corbett of Rowallan Property Buying agents has the connections and know-how to make a difference but within the world of equestrian property, our specialist support partners take your search to the next level.

Finding this stunning county’s exclusive and best properties is more challenging than being on a mailing list. You also need a sound knowledge and relationship with local and national agents.

When it comes to being an equestrian property buying agent and built up over many years of working together, this connection with Thorncombe Property gives our clients the edge.