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Professional Buyers Agent (Buying Agent) Services

Buyers Agent Jason Corbett founded Rowallan Exclusive Property Buying Agency after years of working with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWs) within firms such as Sotheby’s International Realty, Carter Jonas and Savills.

He recognised that there is a need to help buyers and tenants find the perfect on and off-market properties. The property portals just aren’t enough. The selling agents focus only on their client’s needs rather than the buyers. And the result; without a buyer’s agent (buying agents or property finders), the buyers have no help at all.

Our ethos is simple; to act with discretion, confidence, and always with the utmost care. Buyers and renters need support in the jungle of thousands of estate agents, and time is short. Our incredible support network built over three decades means that our clients have access to the best professionals in the industry, from lawyers, surveyors, financiers and foreign exchange companies.

So we will ensure the best price for the best house, whether sourced through an agent or directly from a seller, meeting our client’s needs whilst allowing them to get on with their daily lives.

Typical Buying Agents' Clients

Rowallan Buying Agents’ clients are as diverse as they are typical.
Each with different reasons for employing a buyers agent, they all share certain aspects, from time available to valuing an expert on their team. A buying agent’s time is your time, and their expertise will save you both time and money.

A relocating couple searching for property but who should be using buying agents

Moving from SW London

A young family who still require easy access to London three times a week, looking for a 4 bedroom detached period home close to some excellent schools.

They prefer to live in a village close to a larger town. They have registered with all the local agents but keep missing out. They need help to get in first and to find the ‘hidden’ off-market stock. Budget £1,800,000 – £3,000,000.

Weekend retreat - Beautiful red brick Victorian property on a riverside

Looking for a weekend retreat

A family who want to buy a second home in the country. They would like to be close to the coast yet surrounded by farm land. They require 5 bedrooms.

Must have a swimming pool and tennis court and must be in great condition with no work required. Budget up to £5,000,000.

Family moving as they need more space - a buying agent can save them both time and money

Relocated from abroad

A couple with no prior experience of the UK that are moving for work. They need to be close to London want a house that requires no work and to be available within the next 6 weeks.

They are abroad and require full video viewings and comprehensive advice. Budget £2,500,000.

Beautiful Victorian red brick house with lavender garden symbolising a rental option.

Urgent rental

Having been unable to find a property to buy, attention has turned to renting instead in time for the school new year.

They need a 4 bedroom house close to their new school, with garden. Budget up to £8,000 per month.

Businessman on train looking for a company relocation

Company relocation

They are moving from abroad with a company package and need help from a buyers agent. Need full advice on location and areas where house size and garden requirements can be met and within an easy commute to London.

Budget £1,800,000 to purchase or £14,000 per month.

Open kitchen in a large house symbolising moving due to divorce or separation.

Recently separated or divorced

With very little available time and unsure where to go. There is a need to be close to friends and family and have a house big enough for 2 children and a dog.

Need to be able to get to work but want to walk into the village/town centre. Budget £2,000,000.

Our fees

Our buying agents fees are normally agreed during our free initial consultation. Typically there will be a £500 + VAT (£600) retainer fee securing our services.

For property finding, we will normally agree a mutually acceptable percentage of the purchase price, payable on the successful exchange of contracts or 15% of the amount saved from the asking price after negotiating on a property, whichever is the greater, payable on exchange of contracts.

For rentals, we would typically charge the equivalent of the first months rent.

Our advisory only service is available at a daily rate.